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Structured. Implemented.

Subscription-Based COO, giving clients the flexibility of timing and budget, with all the benefits of having someone experienced on hand, building and simplifying the road to sustainable growth.

Sustainable Growth

Operational Efficiency

Hands-On Implementation

With the right up-to-date processes, everything becomes actionable.

Startups often focus on innovation and growth, but proper operational systems and processes are crucial to success. With the right processes in place, tasks become actionable, productivity improves, and team members can work efficiently and effectively. Don't let disorganisation and chaos slow down your startup's progress.

What I Offer

Empowering startups, leaders and your professionals to reach their full potential with tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Operational Optimisation
From Seed to Series A

Helping startups execute at a faster pace, implementing workflows and processes that enable growth, and not hinder it.

Leaders & Young Professionals

Empowering the next generation of professionals with personalised coaching and insider industry knowledge.

Templates & insights

Accelerate your success with access to templates, insights, and resources on all things startups.

Concrete Experience

Experienced across several fields and industries, ideally suited to help founders, startups and young professionals.

Leveraging my experience in a variety of roles and positions across multiple fields to drive success.

Chief Operating Officer

Managing internal execution for 40+ employees across 6 teams.

Product Manager

Leading B2C product development with 3 designers, 7 engineers.

Marketing Specialist

Dedicated engagement of Nordic markets and Danish support.

Head of Operations

Managing PeopleOps and Marketing teams based across 5 countries.

Customer Experience Manager

Establishing of CX team, maintaining support of 1M+ users in 11 markets.

Project Manager

Managing stakeholders and material for 8 remote construction projects.

Processes Built To Scale With Rapid Growth.

Many companies overlook the importance of proper operational processes when scaling, leading to inefficiencies, miscommunication, and decreased productivity. This often results in a fragmented organization and a lack of alignment, causing the company to miss out on growth opportunities and to struggle with retaining top talent. A focus on building a solid operational foundation from the start is crucial for a company to scale successfully.

Connected Systems

Information & Data Based


Tooling, beyond fluency

My experience and expertise with these tools enables you to focus on what you do best, drive growth and make an impact, while I ensure you get the most out of your resources.


and more...

What People Say

Empowering startups, leaders and your professionals to reach their full potential with tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Nic Brauer


"Jonathan is one of the easiest people I've worked with. He is hyper-efficient, unwaveringly positive and constantly moves things forward with his project management skills. My line of work means people are put in extremely stressful situations and Jonathan manages them with professionalism, calm and with a smile on his face. It is rare to find someone of his quality in the workplace."

Timothy Daniell


"Jonathan can quickly gather domain expertise, but his real strength is in understanding what motivates people, and creating structured processes that get the best out of them. He’s equally adept in articulating a complex product strategy as he is in meticulously working through thousands of customer conversations to find the golden insights. It was a massive asset having Jonathan in my team."

Unlock Your Growth Potential And Learn How To Do It Scalably