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An Operational Guide to Layoffs

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Guide Overview

Navigating the difficult process of downsizing in a fair, objective, and compassionate manner.

The layoff management guide is designed to provide a step-by-step approach to planning and executing layoffs, with templates and checklists to ensure that nothing is overlooked. The system includes guidance on developing selection criteria, communicating with affected employees, providing support and training, and retaining key talent.

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How you benefit

By using my system for managing what is arguably the toughest period as a founder, as a company, as a manager, as an employee.

A clear, structured process for making difficult layoff decisions and executing them

Insights on risks, mitigation plans and

suggested documentation for every step.

A guide that not only covers the layoffs, but also the post-layoff success and retention.


Meet the Creator

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Subscription-Based COO

"Every team deserves the best conditions to showcase their talent and make an impact, which is what drives me to build the systems that I build today"

Throughout my career, I have developed and implemented a range of systems and solutions to enhance operational efficiency, optimise business processes, and drive growth. With a proven track record of successfully helping employees make the most of their skillset and a dedication to constantly staying up to date on latest trends and needs of companies in relation to operational efficiency. 

"My line of work means people are put in extremely stressful situations and Jonathan managed them with professionalism, calm and with a smile on his face. It is rare to find someone of his quality in the workplace."

Head of Campaigns

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"He can quickly gather domain expertise, but his real strength is in understanding what motivates people, and creating structured processes that get the best out of them."


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